West Coast Bhangra @ Harbour City Bhangra 2016

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WCB is a Perth based all-female bhangra team who are committed to keeping Punjabi culture alive through a blend of their own unique dance style and heritage. Here is their debut performance at Harbour City Bhangra 2016!

In order of appearance:

Stage right
Orange: Akanksha Gupta, Pinal Patel, Avni Attri
Purple: Japleen Kaur, Emma Helsby, Navi Virk

Stage left
Purple: Priya Negi, Jasreet Mann, Gurnaj Mann
Orange: Jugat Kaur, Sum Haque, Jeeto Kaur Brar

Chimta: Umnia Haque
Dhol: Hanreesh Singh Senghera

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