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ST Studio presents audio jukebox of Singga and Karan Aujla hits songs of 2019.

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Song – R.I.P
Singer – Singga
Music – Mofusion
Lyrics – Singga

Song – Supply
Singer – Gurjas Sidhu
Music – Deep Jandu
Lyrics – Karan Aujla

Song – One Man
Singer – Singga
Music – MixSingh
Lyrics – Singga

Song – Burnout
Singer – DJ Flow Ft. Karan Aujla
Music – DJ Flow
Lyrics – Karan Aujla

Song – Jatt Di Clip 2
Singer – Singga
Music – Western Penduz
Lyrics – Singga

Song – PCR
Singer – Gurjas Sidhu ft. Karan Aujla
Music – Turban Beats
Lyrics – Sukh Sandhu
Rap Lyrics – Karan Aujla


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