Nachdi Shaan @ Bhangra Down Under 2016

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Founded in 2014, Nachdi Shaan is an all-female Bhangra crew originating from Sydney, Australia. Despite being brought up in Australia, Nachdi Shaan holds a strong passion for Punjabi folk dancing. Their aim is to raise interest of Punjabi traditions and culture through their performances. And in doing so, inspire upcoming generations to embrace their roots. They have a strong focus on brining forward the fun in Bhangra that many have grown up with.


Red: Alisha and Nav
Orange: Avani and Mansha
Yellow: Aishwayra and Jasmine
Green: Alpana and Jasmeet
Purple: Gurleen and Taran
Blue: Alina and Arveen
Jatt: Tanisha and Tavleen



Category: Bhangra
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