Ministry of Bhangra (Sydney) @ Harbour City Bhangra 2016 (3rd Place)

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This team was formed in 2010 and still have the same passion for bhangra as they did back when they debuted. Placing 1st in both HCB 2015 and BDU 2015, here is an epic performance by Ministry of Bhangra (Sydney). They took out the 3rd place this year at HCB 2016, which was probably the most challenging bhangra competition to take place down under till date.


Pink Jodi: Karan Multani, Prashant Sallan
Blue Jodi: Tanu Singh, Prince Buttar
Green Jodi: Justin Multani, Karnvir Singh
Yellow: Abhijit Bhogal, Aman Dhanju
Orange: Hardeep Chohan, Ketan Singh
Turquoise Jodi: Simran randhawa, Harsharn Singh

Dholi: Rej Singh
Chimta: Mohit Dhiman

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