Melbourne Bhangra Regiment (3rd Place) @ Bhangra Down Under 2016

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Established in 2013, this team started out with 2 boys dancing at wedding receptions and parties. They have now gone on to becoming the biggest team in Melbourne. Known as Melbournes finest, the Regiment was one of two teams of the night to recieve a standing ovation from audience in attendance that night for their performance.

Blue Jodi – Rohit Dhillon & Laki Vasan
Red Jodi – Sukhdeep Batra & Priya Dhillon
Purple Jodi – Kanwal Singh & Jasmeet Jandu
Green Jodi – Sumit Hira & Candice Monique
Yellow Jodi – Harinder Singh & Baljeet Dhillon
Orange Jodi – Jasjit Singh & Simran Panesar

Dholi – Gurminder Jandu
Chimta – Manisha Balgovind

Facebook –
Instagram – @Regiment_ODOL
YouTube – Melbourne Bhangra Regiment


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