Haneri Punjab Di @ Harbour City Bhangra 2016

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Haneri Punjab Di (HPD) is an all girls Bhangra team based in Sydney, Australia. Their passion for Bhangra is highlighted by their dedication, technique, unrivalled style, and creative flair. They placed 2nd at Harbour City Bhangra 2015, and this year they are back with another epic performance!


Red Jodi: Piya Sodhi and Noor Ghuman
Yellow Jodi: Tia Singh and Sonia Bhatty
Blue Jodi: Navpreet Kaur and Sirat Sandhu
Green Jodi: Kalyani Sareen and Lovleen Dhesi
Purple Jodi: Nimm Nagra and Nivea Lally
Orange Jodi: Jasmine Deogun and Ravina Hundal

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