Bhangra All Stars Sydney @ Harbour City Bhangra 2016 (First Place)

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BASS Boys went hard with this one! From the moment they started their set, the energy was there throughout the entire segment and there wasn’t one dull moment. This was hands down the most enjoyable & energetic performance from them so far and was well deserving the first place it received! They also placed 3rd at Bruin Bhangra XVIII which took place in LA this weekend! Presenting the first place performance from HCB 2016, Bhangra All Stars Sydney!

Red Jodi: Gobind Khangura, Simran Thiara
Pink Jodi: Tarunroop Singh Dhillon, Gurbir Mavi (Alex)
Blue Jodi: Amitoj Singh Thind, Dalvinder Singh Girn
Green Jodi: Harsimran Dhaliwal, Armaan Dhaliwal
Yellow: Ishdeep Mann, Jaydeep Mavi
Orange: Dilniaz Gill (Lalli), Gagan Birdi
Turquoise Jodi: Sunny Dhillon, Ishaan Jagota
Purple Jodi: Harjodh Dhaliwal, Sartaj Pawar

Dholi: Manu Singh Gill
Chimta: Teg Singh

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